Our Beer

All of our beers are unique recipes brewed here on-site in Peekskill, NY

River Outpost Beer

  • River Outpost Beer

    Original beers brewed on location.

  • Skippa’s SIPA – 7

    SIPA – 4.9% ABV – Fresh sessionable ipa, bursting with ripe pear and cantaloupe.

  • Light Hop – 7

    Hard Seltzer – 4.7% ABV – Mild, Citra hop aroma and a bubbly, delicate lemon flavor. Refreshing, low calorie alternative to beer.

  • Gossip Shop Session – 7

    Sour – 4.7% ABV – Brewed with a touch of hibiscus which gives this "gateway" sour its tropical, peachy palate. Elevated by a delicate tartness and refreshingly dry finish.

  • Sharkee’s Bock – 7

    Brown Lager – 6.66% ABV – Hardy brown lager with overtones of pumpernickel bread that finishes with a crisp bite.

  • Skillbilly – 7

    NEIPA – 6.7% ABV – Cloud, straw colored IPA, notes of stonefruit and lime with a rich malt backbone and round bitterness.

  • Haze Bae

    NEIPA – 5.7% ABVBig, hazy, oat malt body with an intense, tropical hop-punch of passionfruit and chamomile.

  • Cool Hands – 7

    Lager – 4.5% ABV – Light, crisp and smooth lager.

  • Polar Beast – 7

    Coconut Porter – 8.7% ABV – 12oz Delicate aromas of toasted coconut and fresh baked cake. Rich, thick oat flavors of coconut cream and milk chocolate. Good for dessert, better with breakfast.

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